Saint Micheal Minnesota Interabled Engagement Session | Hannah and Paul

August 29, 2021

Hanna and Paul defied the odds. She had an accident and was told that her life was going to be extremely difficult. Relationships will be hard when only one person is disabled. She was told she would never walk again. She is an incredible woman who defies the odds every day. When we first connected, she told me she couldn’t stand for more than 15 seconds without falling. This made me a little nervous, but ultimately challenged and I sunk my feet into it as much as I could. Did someone say picnic engagement session? Heck yeah! I had thought by the time of her engagement session she wouldn’t be able to walk very much, but to my surprise, with a lot of therapy, she was able to do so much more than I had anticipated! Like for instance, climb rocks! I love doing poses where you have to help eachother out, and in this instance it was SO TRUE for them! I think I have already made lifelong friends and I havn’t even shot their wedding yet. I am SO excited to see them get MARRIED!!! <3


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