A little bit about my best friend

"THe best love is unexpected.

You don't just pick someone and cross your fingers it'll work out. You meet them by fate and it's an instant connection, and the chemistry shared is way above your head. You just talk and notice the way their lips curve when they smile or the colour of their eyes and all at once you know you're either lucky or screwed." - Unknown

Keller and I met in our Junior year of Highschool during our Spanish 3 class. I knew 'of' him as in his name, but never spoke to him before. He was a quieter kid in school and had recently started working out the summer before. I think it truly boosted his confidence in himself. As for me, I finally felt like I found myself that summer before and knew what I wanted to do with my life(photography!). Little did we know that God had us meet at the perfect time. It felt as if we both had an idea of what we wanted our lives to look like, and boy I tell ya, the connection we had on that first group project... made me crazy! Butterfly type feelings! You won't believe this... but this man's confidence was so good that he admitted to playing hard to get years later and made me do all the heavy lifting! We started dating 2 months after we met and have been together for almost 8 years!

We tied the knot on June 2nd, 2023! 

My Journey into the world of photography...

"Seeing is not enough. You have to feel what you photograph."
- Andre Kertesz

The funny thing about my journey is that I didn't realize how far I would go with this passion. It started out with me being the selfie queen at age 14. Then at 15 and 16 I started to take more photos of nature and eventually portraits. Then when I was 17 I took a photography class which really got me interested. So, I continued to do a studio class my senior year of highschool but no one else took it! Therefore they didn't give me the class period for it. I was heartbroken that I couldn't learn more about what I love during school hours, so I talked to my counselor and teacher and they made an exception for me. I was put in a separate art class FREE to do my own thing! I essentially got to pick what I wanted to learn about and it was the kind of creative freedom I needed to really figure out what I wanted to do with photography. I ended up doing senior photos and some couples portraits for friends once I graduated. Then I started my first semester at a community college and wasn't sure why I was going if my heart was always wanting to do more photography. So, I quit school, and started working at Target to fund my career. I met an awesome mentor through a family friend who has taught me SO MUCH about wedding photography. Though I do still have a full time job at my brothers small business, I am excited to pursue this passion and turn it into a lifetime career.

Our current favorite spot to vacation to would have to be Duluth MN. We fell in love with the waterfalls, cliffs, and lake Superior.  Such a fun, romantic, and adventurous getaway only 2 hours from the cities. 
We are hoping to get a camper and camp up there summer of 2022! 

Our most favorite pastime in the summer months here in Minnesota is definitely lake life. Both our families have cabins on opposite sides of the state, so we enjoy road trips and being on the water. Keller love's the thrill of jet skiing and tubing.... I will do it - but prefer a margarita out on the dock taking all the action shots!

During the late fall we look forward to being out in the woods hunting. After the busy wedding season, I enjoy sitting in our deer stand listening to the quiet sounds of the wilderness. The thrill I love is when we see a deer and can provide food for our table all winter long. I even make fun family videos on youtube of our deer camp!


Places we love

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every couple deserves quality wedding photos! That is why I offer flexible payment plans to help make your planning stress free. 


in the investment of relationships. You're not just hiring a service or buying a product. You are investing in a relationship!


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